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The Best Websites to Find Interns to Hire

So you have done the nitty-gritty work of planning and organizing your internship program with your teammates, determined the appropriate length of your program should be and wrote an effective and informative intern job description. Now all that’s left to do— actually hire your interns. With so many websites and apps out there geared towards making the hiring process easier, it can be tough to navigate through them all and find the best one for you, that will yield the best results. You want the best intern for the job, not the one that necessarily comes the easiest. So where can you find your perfect match? 

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How Partnerships with Student Organizations Increase Diversity in your Talent Pipeline

From fraternities and sororities to honors societies and different clubs, there are hundreds of student organizations across the country. These organizations have a diverse group of amazingly talented students and love to partner with all types of companies to ensure their members have internship and job opportunities. Likewise, partnering with student organizations is also an opportunity for companies to build a consistent pipeline of students from across the country. However, building these partnerships can be time-consuming and the process can sometimes be difficult to navigate. 

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