Top 11 Scholars Blog Posts Gen Z was Reading in July 2021

Young Asian male in a coffee shop, smiling at his laptop on the table.

These are the Scholars blog posts that Gen Z was reading the most during July 2021. 

1. Many Gen Z-er's wondered, How to Cold Email for an Internship

2. They had questions about the tech industry, Is Technology a Good Career Path?

3. Exit Interview Questions were on the top of their minds. 

4. They wanted to know the 7 Types of Internships.

5. Gen Z is preparing for those Fall Internships and learned more about how to craft effective applications for them. 

6. They are wondering what tasks they may get as marketing interns

7. They considered how long internship programs are.

8. They are keeping an eye out for entry level marketing jobs.

9. Gen Z is preparing to write those internship thank you letters for their summer internships.

10. They are scoping out internships at Riot Games, Intuit, and Salesforce.

11. They are considering graphic design internships.

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